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The Construction Process

Property Site Plan

Step 1 – Blueprints • Permits

Before we begin with the project, we have to create a site plan. On the site plan, we draw the whole property showing the location of the pool, pool equipment, property lines, walls, gates, house, garage, patios, and anything that is required by the city. Once we have the site plan and the structural engineering plans of the pool, we can submit them to the building and safety department to obtain the building permits.

Step 2 – Pool Grading • Layout • Excavation

The area where the pool will be located is graded to the correct elevation. Once the pool layout is established, we form the pool to start the excavation.

Step 3 – Reinforcing Steel • Rebar

After excavating the pool, we begin to install the rebar. The rebar is installed throughout the entire pool according to the engineering plans.

Step 4 – Plumbing • Electrical

The plumbing and electrical lines are then installed. For example, the skimmer, jets, return lines, and electrical for pool lights and controls.

Step 5 – Gunite Application

After the plumbing and electrical, the next step is to apply the gunite which creates the shell of the pool. The gunite is the process of applying concrete to the walls of the pool.

Step 6 – Masonry

This is the step where everything comes together. We do the coping, tile, waterfall, or anything that was agreed in the contract.

Step 7 – Pool Equipment • Plaster

The last step is to install the pool equipment such as the filter, circulation pump, jet pump, heater, and electrical control system. Once the pool equipment is installed, we plaster the pool and begin to fill it with water.

We specialize in designing and building unique swimming pools, spas & water features.  Our team is dedicated and takes pride in helping our clients bring their backyard vision to life.

14740 Vincennes St.
Panorama City, CA 91402

PHONE: 818.349.3444

EMAIL: info@emergepools.com

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